Tesla Roadster Will Be Available in “SpaceX” Trim at Launch, Complete with Rocket Thrusters

Tesla Roadster Will Be Available in

The Tesla Roadster launch may still be a long ways off, but the company recently announced a SpaceX performance option for the vehicle. What makes it special? It will come equipped with 10 mini-rocket thrusters installed across the exterior to improve performance. Continue reading for a video explaining the package and more information.”Up front, a pronounced splitter immediately catches the eye. Additionally, two small rockets are visible in the air intakes directly under the headlights. Take a look at the sides of the hypercar and you’ll find a rocket on the side skirts and another rocket just in front of the rear wheel arch. Completing the exterior modifications is a towering rear wing that’ll help glue the car to the road at high speeds,” according to Car Scoops.

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